Heal Your Depression. The Mind, Body and Soul Solution

Theoretically, we have no control over the mind and it may seem that we are helpless against extreme emotional states, just as we are unable to consciously control the heartbeat. However, it is known that you can speed up or slow down your heart rate by breathing or by taking certain physical exercises. We can influence the mind in the same way. In this book, I share a few simple ways that helped me regain control over my mind and, thus also over my life.

In this book, I have described effective ways that I had come up with to get out of depression. I tested them on myself for several years by trial and error. I had to discover a whole new world of dealing with emotions, which was often at odds with what Western civilization has been telling us. I discovered that there is no point in suppressing emotions with alcohol or sweets, running away to work or toxic relationships. You need to recognize emotions, find the thoughts being their source, and then change them. This is the only way to permanently heal your life and free yourself from depression.

Available in English as an ebook

Available in Polish as a paper edition and an ebook

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