Threatened for Telling the Truth: Polish Journalist Speaks Out

Artykuł zamieszczony w portalu Mad in America, organizacji charytatywnej działającej na rzecz pacjentów psychiatrycznych.

For over thirty years now I have been a journalist, traveler, and writer. I have written over a hundred books, most of them self-help books about reprogramming the subconscious mind, a healthy lifestyle, travel adventure books, cookbooks, and courses in foreign languages based on the instinctive method I invented when I was 18 and was struggling with learning English. That was my biggest bestseller, which sold over a million copies in Poland. I have always tried to speak the truth, and sometimes there is a lot of pushback against that. People don’t always like to hear the truth when it challenges them or contradicts their assumptions and biases. But I have always considered it my duty as a journalist to say it anyway. Czytaj dalej

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